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Provide you with a full range of cooling solutions, high-quality cooling fan manufacturing experts - EVERCOOL | Our service include customized DC fans, heatsink production and manufacturing.

Provide you with a full range of cooling solutions, high-quality cooling fan manufacturing experts - EVERCOOL

About Cooling Solution Provider - Evercool

Specializing in Industrial Fans, Radiators, Heat Sinks

Evercool Thermal Co., Ltd. is a provider of cooling solutions, with a special focus on industrial fans. Our company was established by a group of passionate thermal product professionals with over 30 years of experience in production and R&D. Evercool has been designing, developing, and producing CPU radiators since the Intel 386 era. We specialize in designing and producing CPU radiators, DC fans, and related peripheral products.

So far, we have provided professional heat dissipation solutions for many customers in different industries.

In recent years, in addition to the development of heat dissipation products, Evercool has invested more in the development of automated production in order to improve product quality and enhance product competitiveness.

EVERCOOL is headquartered in Taiwan and has a branch in the United States.

EVERCOOL factory is located in Guangdong, China, with an area of about 30,000 square meters and 450 employees.
The monthly production capacity of cooling fans can reach 2.4 million, and the monthly production capacity of radiators is 1 million.

EVERCOOL DC fans are in a leading position in many industries. CPU coolers, SSD coolers, heat sinks and cooling peripherals are all recognized by customers in various fields.

In recent years, we have invested in the development of more advanced processes, and constantly innovated and developed new products to serve a wider range of customers.
If you have any questions, please let us know.
Our professional service team will quickly reply to you with the best solution to meet your needs for cooling products.

Why Choose EVERCOOL?

EVERCOOL Upholds Five Beliefs:
Innovative research and development, quality adherence, perfect equipment, competitive cost and accurate delivery time ensure to provide good service and high-quality products to customers.

Innovative Research and Development: EVERCOOL's professional team regularly communicates with customers to understand the latest market trends, and launches innovative and developed products to meet market demand.

Quality Adherence: EVERCOOL products have passed CE, TUV and UL certifications. The factory quality management system follows the relevant ISO 9001 standards. All products have passed ROHS test. Products are 100% fully inspected before leaving the factory. EVERCOOL's quality requirements make you rest assured.

Perfect Equipment: With the development of science and technology, EVERCOOL equipment is also constantly upgraded. Advanced production equipment improves quality and increases production capacity.
And develop a more advanced process to ensure that the quality of our products is always in the leading position.

Competitive Cost: EVERCOOL adheres to the win-win strategy of customers, suppliers and itself, develops innovative products, brings added value to customers, and makes reasonable profits for suppliers.
In this way, a virtuous circle is brought about, and all three parties win, so as to provide the most competitive products and costs.

Accurate Delivery Time: EVERCOOL always has an inventory of product raw materials, and thanks to the vigorous development of automated production technology in recent years, the production efficiency has been improved, and the product delivery time can be more accurately grasped.


EVERCCOL quality management system has achieved ISO 9001 certification. Our products have passed CE, TUV and UL certification, and are completely made of environmentally friendly materials, in compliance with ROHS and REACH.


Popular Products and Services

Customized cooling service to create a unique solution, EVERCOOL provides professional advice and design to ensure the best cooling effect.

High-Quality Products

More than 30 years of experience in the development and production of heat dissipation related products, and develops various types of products to meet market demand.