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EVERCOOL provides you with the best service, high-quality DC fans and CPU coolers | Our service include customized DC fans, heatsink production and manufacturing.

EVERCOOL provides you with the best service, high-quality DC fans and CPU coolers

Service Process

High-quality radiators and fans are widely recognized by customers around the world

EVERCOOL is widely recognized by customers all over the world for its high-quality radiators and fans.

In order to better serve customers and let you know more about EVERCOOL's services, please refer to our service process.

Inquiry Process

EVERCOOL radiators and fans can be customized according to your needs. In order to understand your needs accurately and provide you with faster and better services, the following is EVERCOOL quotation process and related matters.

Quotation Flow

Inquiry Notes:
Please inform us of your specific requirements, including product size, model, application, etc., and also provide photos for our reference.
If it is a fan product, please inform us of the fan's operating environment, bearings, terminal specifications, and wire length, or provide photos and specifications for reference, so that our company can quickly understand your needs.

Product Details Discussion and Quotation:
Our engineering and sales personnel will discuss and confirm the required product specifications and details with you. After the confirmation is completed, a product quotation will be provided. The quotation will include information such as product unit price, specification and delivery date.

Sample Production and Testing:
After the two parties confirm that there is no problem with the specifications and details, EVERCOOL will make samples for testing to ensure that the heat dissipation capability and details of the product meet customer needs.

Order Production Process
Order Process Flow

Order Confirmation
After receiving the customer's order, the salesperson will reply to the customer within 2 days with a PI, which contains all the information in the order,
Please reconfirm the product unit price, shipping date, shipping method and payment terms, etc.,
After confirming that everything is ok, please sign the PI back to us, and we will arrange the factory to produce the products you need.

Product Production
According to PI requirements, production, quality control and testing are carried out. The general manufacturing time of products is 4 weeks.

Pay Before Shipping
The salesperson will notify the customer of the estimated delivery date one week before the product is completed, please complete the remittance before delivery.

Provide Shipping Related Information
EVERCOOL will provide you with shipping photos, Invoice, Packing List and other related shipping documents before shipping.

Service Process | Heat Sink Aluminum Extruded Cooler Manufacturer | EVERCOOL

Based in Taiwan since 1992, EVERCOOL Thermal Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturer of CPU coolers. Its main products include, CPU cooling system, CPU cooler radiator, extruded aluminum heatsink CPU cooler, low profile CPU cooling cooler fan, SSD cooling fan, HDD cooling fan, hard drive cooler and related peripheral products, which are non-toxic and has passed CE, UL and TUV standards.

EVERCOOL has more than 30 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of various fans and heat sinks, providing customers with a full range of cooling solutions and professional consulting services. With 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing DC fans, AC fans, heatsinks, heat pipes, and related peripheral products.

EVERCOOL has been providing customers with high quality CPU coolers since 1992, with both advanced technology and 18 years of experience, EVERCOOL ensures that each customer's requirements are met.