North Bridge block

High Thermal Conductive Paste

Push Pin x 2

North Bridge Clip Kit

Screw x 1

Silica Gel Tube x 1
Remove the original North Bridge heat sink.
Apply the proper amount of thermal paste on the chipset die.
Connect the tube to the water inlet and outlet of North Bridge block. Make sure that safety connectors are tightly screwed in place. (PS: The red gasket as to prevent any water leak, please don't take it out)
Please make sure that the buckle way of North Bridge chipset: Push Pin Type or Clip Type
Push Pin Type:
As the picture showed.
Put the block onto the chipset die, and aim at the pitch of board.
Then, put the push pin into the track of copper slab.
Finished product.
Clip Type:
As the picture showed.
Put the block with clip onto the chipset die.
Then, screw it.
Aim at the North Bridge clip to the clip board, and lock it.
Finished product.
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