Appearance of the Whole Assembled:
Figure of Completion for Water Cooling System.

Descriptions of LCD front Panel in Main Cooling System:
A. Temperature Unit
The default temperature unit is°C, which can be change to°F.Press the “UP” button to toggle the temperature unit.
B. Fan Speed Unit
Press the “DOWN” button to switch the temperature and fan speed display
C. External Fan
Press the “DOWN” button to switch the fan speed display. If the external temperature control fan connector is disconnected, the icon will blink and the fan speed is zero.
D. Water Pump Monitor
If the water pump is working normally, then the water pump icon will rotate and the nozzle will blink. Both the water pump icon and the nozzle will blink together if the water pump is abnormal, and a warning sound will be issued.
E. Temperature Indication & Fan Speed Indication
Press the “DOWN” button to toggle between the temperature indication and the fan speed indication.
F. Fan Speed Temperature Control
If the temperature exceeds a temperature control setting, the fan speed is HI indicating an increase of fan speed. If the temperature is below a temperature control setting, than the fan speed is LO indicating a decrease of fan speed.
Setting Temperature Control
1. Press the “SET” button to enter the temperature control setting mode.
2. Press the “UP” to increase the temperature control setting.
3. Press the“DOWN” button to decrease the temperature control setting.
4. If the setting is made, press the ”SET” button to exit the setup or the system will exit automatically after
5 seconds. 5. The default setting is 40°C (104°F).
Warning Function: If the water pump or the fan of the main heat dissipating system is not working normally, then a continuous warning sound will be issued. Power Disconnection Indication Function: Even though the system is off, the LCD panel still display the temperature and symbols.

Speed Control:
This speed knob is used for adjusting the rotation speed of the fan
(8-cm fan) in the main heat dissipating system.
Low Speed
Medium Speed
High Speed
Stop Fans

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