Assembling Inside the Housing
Congratulations. You have completed each step of assembling outside the housing. Now, you are assembling inside the housing. Before you do so, turn off the power switch on the casing, and remove the power connector from the main heat dissipating system.
Before you install the heat conductor, compare the relative position of the heat conductor, CPU, and GPU assembly, and then stick the temperature sensing wire at an appropriate position on the bottom of the heat conductor by a sticker.

The detected temperature is displayed on the LCD panel.Do not touch the temperature wire directly with the DIE at the core of the CPU and GPU. The closer the distance to the heat producing source, the less is the error of the temperature.

Main Heat Dissipating System and Heat Conductor Entering the Casing
Turn off your computer, and remove the side casing and the 5.25-inch front panel.
Suggestion: The installation position of the main heat dissipating system affects the heat dissipating effect. We recommend you to choose the utmost top of the panel without being blocked by any computer peripherals for the installation.
Put the heat conductor into the casing through the 5.25”bay , and place the main heat dissipating system into the 5.25”bay.
Adjust the main heating dissipating system to the correct position, and use a cross screwdriver to install the screw at the fixing hole as shown in the figure

Connect the 4-PIN power supply to the power connector at the back of the main heat dissipating system.

Installing Enhanced Heat Sink:
Choose a position inside the casing for installing a fan, and then install the fan on the enhanced heat sink.
Use a cross screwdriver to fix the enhanced heat sink in the casing.
Second-Stage Water Filling
By then, the PUMP is still running.
Connect the power cable of the fan to the external temperature control fan connector outside the main heat dissipating system as shown in the figure.
Note: We recommend you to install the fan at a ventilating position on the side or the back of the casing for a better heat dissipating effect.
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