Assembling Outside the Case:
Measure and mark the length of the silica gel tube according to the actual positions of the installed heat sink and the main unit with respect to the positions of the motherboard and VGA card.
Use the designated safety connector C-shaped tool to loosen the C-shaped ring.
Push the C-shaped ring backward to the cutting length.
Move the safety connector’s external ring to the cutting length.
Pull the central copper threaded pipe of the safety connector out from the silica gel tube.
Use a pair of scissors to cut the silica gel tube. Pay attention to the cutting. The cut edge must be neat and smooth, and the cutting length should not be too short or else you are unable to install.
Install the central copper threaded pipe of the safety connector into the silica gel tube. Any section having copper serrations must be contained completely inside the silica gel tube.
The copper threaded pipe is installed inside the silica gel tube as shown in the figure.
Sheath the external ring of the safety connector into the threaded copper pipe at the center of the safety connector along the connecting direction and push it all the way to the bottom.
Use the designated C-shaped safety connector tool to fix the C-shaped ring at the position where the silica gel tube and the threaded copper pipe of the safety connector are connected.
The assembly is completed as shown in the figure.  
The C-shaped ring must be sheathed on the same thread of the central copper tube.
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