Descriptions of cooling accessories:

Screw A x 1

Screw B x 2

Screw Nuts x 2

Screw C x 2

Spring x 4

Spring Nuts x 4


Thermal Conductive Paste

4 pin Connecter

VGA Clip

Pure Copper Heat Sink

RAM Heat Sink Module

Main Cover
Installation Guide :
Put the VGA clip into the back of VGA card.
Apply the proper amount of thermal paste on the GUP die.
Put the copper heat sink inot the VGA clip.
Screws it step by step. (Don't screw it so tight.)
Put the RAM heat sink module on the VGA card. Then push down the pin step by step.
Put the bracket and metal cover, and screw it with A screw.
Take out the B screws B nut. And screw the cover with VGA card.
Finish installation.
Connect the power cable.
Connect the 4 pin power cable.
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