NB-FA1: Color Black RED LED/NB-FA2: Color White BLUE LED
Taiwan, China, U.S.A., Germany.
• World’s first Patened NB Air Extracting Fan. It allows faster extraction of the hot air out of a running system, which stabilizes   the operation of the NB and prolongs its lifetime.
• Universal Clip for fastening USB power interfaces, Compatible for all major NB brands.
• Weighted only 60g. Compared with other bulky NB cooling pads, it is very suitable for storage, and carry.
• Simple styling, elegant shiny paint finish, and LED light decorations, all enhancing the technological feel of the product.
• 180-Degree rotateable wind positions design allowing you adjust freely as your demand.
Overall Dimension : 51.6 x 23.4 x 13mm
Bearing Type : Ever Lubricate Long Life Bearing
DC Fan Speed : 3800 ± 10% RPM (MAX)
Noise Level : < 26 dBA (MAX)
Color : NB-FA1: Black RED LED ; NB-FA2: White BLUE LED
Rated Voltage : 5 V.DC(USB)
Weight : 60g
Packing Detail
QTY : 20 pcs
N.W : 5.6 kg
G.W. : 8.82 kg
MEAST : 1.51 ‘
CTN Size : cm