• With its Nano Diamond nature thermal conductor, HTC-01 has higher thermal conduction efficiency.
• The extra scraper can help user smear the thermal compound accurately and avoid the situations of uneven,
over-thick and bubble appeared.
‧(STC-02) is a silicone-free thermal grease for use in high performance CPU’s and GPU’s.
• The thermal grease for use in high performance CPU’S and GPU’s.
• High thermal conductivity & high penetrability.
• Excellent stability and under a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions.
• Stable consistency.

Thermal Conductivity :

Contents : Thermal compound x 1 Spreader x 1
Color : Gray
Thermal conductivity : 3.3W/mK-°C
Thermal resistance : 0.16°C-cm2/W
Weight : 3 g
Packing Detail
QTY : 200 pcs
N.W : 3.5 kg
G.W. : 10.2 kg
MEAST : 11.6 ‘
CTN Size : cm