• With its Nano Diamond nature thermal conductor, HTC-01 has higher thermal conduction efficiency.
• The extra scraper can help user smear the thermal compound accurately and avoid the situations of uneven,
over-thick and bubble appeared.
‧Application to CPU.VGA.Chipset and other pc components.
• Cruise Missile(STC-03) with extremely low thermal resistance for superior thermal performance.
• Cruise Missile(STC-03) remain workable for easy spreading, screen printing and dispensing even after storage and   exposure to air.
• High reliability and stability under adverse conditions such as thermal cycling, high humidity and high-temperature aging.
• Application to CPU.VGA.Chipset and other pc components.

Thermal Conductivity:

Contents : Thermal compound x 1 Spreader x 1
Color : Gray
Thermal conductivity : 2.89 W/mK -°C
Thermal resistance : 0.032°C – cm2/W
Weight : 3 g
Packing Detail
QTY : 160 pcs
N.W : 0.48 kg
G.W. : 8.34 kg
MEAST : 3.5 ‘
CTN Size : cm