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New Ever Lubricate Bearing Technology
EVERCOOL's Research and Development team has created the Air sealed shaft fan. It has ready made an impact to the market. This kind of shaft structure is very cost efficient (low material cost and a longer life span than the traditional shaft.) The features are as follow :

Design Principle:

The sealed bearing is composed of five components including the oil cap, copper bearing, plastic washer, mylar piece, and o-ring; wherein the components can effectively prevent the oil from leaking through the top part of the bearing. At the bottom of the fan, the sealed single-piece mechanism can completely seal the oil within the fan structure without leakage. The copper bearing used for the fan unit can reduce the amount of oil spreading, effectively retaining the proper amount of oil in the fan for a long period of time to increase the lifespan and reduce the noise. However, EL bearings are achieved by injecting a sufficient amount of oil into the copper bearing<and fulfill oil space>, and then sealing off the top and bottom parts of the bearing to prevent the oil from leaking, thereby improving the lifespan of the fan unit. As the bearing is sealed, dust can be effectively stopped at the top or bottom of the bearing to prevent malfunction of the fan unit due to dust accumulation.

Design Concept:

 EL : Completely sealed bearing structure →No mechanical contact during usable lifespan of fan →No oil loss →Oil quality          not degraded.

Comparison between EL bearing and sleeve bearing :

• Sleeve bearing has a simple structure with only an o-ring at the tip of the fan to prevent oil from spreading.
• EL bearing has the o-ring at the tip of the fan and the single-piece fan base in addition to the seal mechanism
  (rubber washer,o-ring, mylar piece, copper cap) to effectively reduce the risk of oil leak and improve the fan lifespan.
Special Feature Comparison Chart

New Ever Lubricate bearing

Feature :
1. Long lifespan {>50,000 hrs@ 40℃ 90%}.
2. High reliability,effective at preventing dust from entering.
3.No oil pollution.
4.Low friction.
5. High temperature resistance ( continuous 7-day testing at 90℃ ).
6. High efficiency and low cost.

One ball one Sleeve bearing

Feature :
1. Middle range pricing.
2. Average life span.
3. Easy accesses for dusts, dusts will combine with the oil.
4. Easy accesses for oil to get into the bearing.

Two ball bearing

Feature :
1. Expensive.
2. Long life span.
3. Easy access for dusts, dusts will combine with the oil.

Sleeve bearing

Feature :
1. Low price.
2. Easy access for dusts, dusts will combine with the oil.
3. Short life span.
4. Friction between parts easy for parts to wear off.

Remark :

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