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Friction-stir welding (FSW) is a solid-state joining process (the metal is not melted) that uses a third body tool to join 2 faying surfaces. Heat is generated between the tool and material which leads to a very soft region near the FSW tool. It then mechanically intermixes the two pieces of metal at the place of the join, then the softened metal (due to the elevated temperature) can be joined using mechanical pressure (which is applied by the tool), much like joining clay, or dough. It is primarily used on aluminium, and most often on extruded aluminum (non-heat treatable alloys), and on structures which wants superior weld strength without a post weld heat treatment.
The advantages of FSW solution:
1.EVERCOOL offers a wide range of machine choices for FSW applications without tooling charge.

2.The joining technology offers long lengths of welds in aluminum without any melting of the base material.

3.Stable thermal conductivity.

4.High efficiency with low cost.

5.No MOQ limited.
Industrial Applications:
Bonding-fin process is applied for use within: communication equipment, medical industry, transportation and energy industry.
Friction-stir welding heat sink (Large scale Heat sink):
Friction-stir welded water cooling plates: